Saturday and Sunday  May 6-7, 2017

10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

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Neal Wenderlich

I became a woodworker when my wife and I were trying to furnish our first apartment, buying tools just made more sense.  Originally, I was strongly influenced by the simple lines of Shaker furniture as well as the 20th century Arts and Crafts movement. Eventually, I developed my own aesthetic which is clean and modern and allows the wood grain and color to shine.   I like to use a mix of woods in my pieces, pairing common stock such as cherry, maple and mahogany with exotics such as bloodwood, padauk and orange heart.  I designed and hand built my wood shop when we moved to Corrales and can be found out there most weekends - either building functional and beautiful furnishings or brewing beer.

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