Saturday and Sunday  May 6-7, 2017

10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

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Galeria de Corrales

Galeria de Corrales is a cooperative gallery and its members include:

(Bolded names are members also participating in the Corrales Art & Studio Tour. Click on their name to go to their individual page.)

Fran Black

Denise Elvrum

Terri Garcia

Cherrymae Golston

Cathy Gormley

Sylvia Gormley

Gail Grambling Harrison

William McCoy

Ron Nedrow

Rita Noe

Tom Roche

Yoka Roos-Huddleston

Carlos Sanchez

Rick Snow

Ric Speed

Yoka Roos-Huddleston, Doll 2

Ric Speed, La'ie Beach

Sylvia Gormley, Feathered Family

Cathy Gormley, Hunter-Hunted

Tom Roche, Cross

Terri Garcia, Pendant

Bill McCoy, El Diablo

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Cherrymae Golston, Vase

Gail Grambling Harrison, Flowers

Fran Black, art dolls

Rita Noe, Eagle

Carlos Sanchez, Braille Pendant

Ron Nedrow, Old Church